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39: Chris Taylor on how to Focus & Be More Productive

By February 27, 2019 February 10th, 2020 No Comments
Discover how to take action on the RIGHT PROJECTS without overwhelming yourself with Chris Taylor. Learn simple techniques that can remove the stress and help us be super productive on an upcoming project in this conversation with host Mike Domitrz.

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Chris’ Bio:
Chris founded Actionable in 2008. Born out of the idea that ideas are only valuable when applied, he embarked on a quest to read one personal development book a week for an entire year, distilling the idea that resonated most strongly with him into a summary, so others could benefit by applying the most valuable insights at the core of each book.
But what began as a passion project has since turned into something much, much bigger. As the Actionable community grew, Chris found his mission: to harness technology and the power of behaviour change to build more effective organizations. Actionable now boasts a Consultant Partner network of 200 top L&D consultants whose learning initiatives are made sticky and measurable by the Actionable Conversations Platform.
A sought-after speaker, and the creator of the 21st Century Workplace podcast, Chris is deeply knowledgeable about the forces impacting today’s Learning & Development landscape. Prior to founding Actionable, Chris held senior sales and marketing leadership roles in advertising and consumer goods companies.
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Mike Domitrz, CSP

Mike Domitrz, CSP

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