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36: Jeff Gibbard shares his Lovable Leadership

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What is lovable leadership? Jeff Gibbard, host of “Shareable” Podcast, shares in this episode the steps necessary to create his philosophy of leadership – “Loveable Leadership”

On his Linkedin headline, he is The World’s Most Handsome Social Media and Content Marketing Strategist. Though Jeff Gibbard is rarely described as humble, he is a champion for building extraordinary company cultures, growing the leaders of tomorrow, and using empathy in all areas of life including technology.


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Jeff Gibbard is Chief Brand Officer at From The Future (FTF), a Social Media and Technical SEO Agency in Philadelphia.  He’s been working in the social media industry from the very beginning, and unlike many of those in his industry, he’s been focused on the real life business applications from the start.
Since starting his company, Jeff has designed strategies for clients in virtually every industry, and across all sized companies from funded startups with no revenue, to multi-billion dollar organizations.
At the core of Jeff’s mission is building extraordinary companies, and often times that leads to conversations and strategies regarding leadership strategies and company culture initiatives.
He is a graduate of Temple University, and earned his MBA from Drexel University.
He’s a well respected strategist, popular keynote speaker, and a prolific blogger, podcaster, and vlogger.
Connect on Social Media:
Twitter: @jgibbard
Instagram: @jgibbard
Facebook profile: Jeff Gibbard
Facebook page: JGibbard
YouTube: Jeff Gibbard
LinkedIn: Jeff Gibbard
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