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Those who care deeply about their people and their culture are no longer “Checking the Box” to do the minimum education required.
Instead, they are transforming their organizational culture into one founded in RESPECT by utilizing specific skills in daily workplace interactions.

Mike Domitrz is a master of Respect and Inclusion. His process has a wonderful payback financially as well as being a means to greatly improve the corporate climate.

Andrew Warrington, President of United Conveyor Corporation


Now more than ever, individuals – including leaders – are seeking guidance and direction. With Mike Domitrz, you get an author, subject matter expert, and HALL-OF-FAME Speaker who challenges each person to question their past beliefs while gaining new skills for maximizing workplace performance. And all while building a new understanding for respect in the workplace.

Mike’s most requested keynote (LIVE online or in-person):

The Mirror Is Talking!

When it comes to Corporate Culture, focusing on the individual is the key to the future, especially helping each person to feel respected. Mike Domitrz provides high energy, interactive, and thought-provoking keynotes and workshops filled with how-to skills for helping each person build a daily expectation of respect for themselves and their teammates. Best of all, your teams learn how to build mutually amazing relationships in the workplace.

Your outcomes are improved retention, maximized performance, and increased profits. With Mike, you get a subject matter expert who is known for his ability to have a group discussion where everyone’s voices are valued in the room – whether 10 people are participating or 10,000. Plus, you get a Hall-of-Fame Speaker!!

Key Concepts:

  • Building a new standard of expectation for workplace interactions, including having mutually amazing relationships be the norm.
  • Knocking down old beliefs that cause unintended harm to individuals and the organization.
  • The language we use:
    Engage in exercises for discovering subtle and unintentional ways we can trigger coworkers and cause unintended harm.
  • Learn how to intervene when you hear and/or see someone not being treated with respect.
  • Realize how common the “9 Daily Displays of Disrespect in the Workplace” are and what you can do to avoid making these mistakes.
  • Create the vision for what a culture founded in respect at all levels looks and feels like.
  • Discover HOW to foster and build that culture of respect each day going forward with specific habits and choices every person can implement immediately into their lives – via Mike Domitrz’s “9 Daily Choices for Respect.

**Prior to a keynote or workshop, Mike will evaluate your organization’s Respect Culture through an assessment. Mike will integrate the results and potential discoveries into his program.

Mike’s inclusive approach is appreciated by people of all demographics, identities, genders, and sexual orientations.

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The Wall Street Journal
Princeton University
Houston Texans
New World Symphony

Through an open, honest, fun, and crucial discussion, Mike Domitrz taught us how to think more carefully about our words and actions while creating an inclusive environment for all. Mike Domitrz was the perfect expert to provide us the 'Why' and 'How To' for Creating a Culture of Respect.

Miriam FogelManager, Visiting Faculty, Alumni & Fellow Services at New World Symphony

Mike provided a new way to look at respect. A new way to hold myself and others accountable for when I am falling short of being respectful or witness someone else being disrespectful.

Jessica VelaCommunity Development Specialist

Mike is unique in his ability able to explore sensitive topics with any
group to include senior leadership, helping all build a better
understanding of what is needed to create a positive, diverse and
balanced work force.

Chuck MarksFormer U.S. Fleet Forces Command
Captain in US Navy (Ret)

Informative! Mike provided suggestions on what to say, rather than just telling you what not to do. I also liked the fact that he made a touchy topic not so touchy - more open to discussion. When I got back to the office, I was the recipient of some good feedback from a coworker because you moved her.

Jodi FraserAssistant to Vice President, Administration and Finance at University of Nevada, Reno

A new way to look at respect and the importance of mutuality.

Michael HicksDirector of Development, Reno Phil

Impactful! I will be more careful with my words to assure I am always allowing for choice when I speak to my staff. I hope they will bring you back again in the future. I believe your message is essential for more and more people in every line of business, and at home.

Danielle KadingDirector of Catering, Hotel Hospitality

I actually came back to my office and just said how amazing it was and that I think everyone could use this type of thoughtful process in their life. Think before you speak or react. Be more mindful of the way you interact with others.

Trish GomezGroup Sales Manager, Whitney Peak Hotel

Mike gave us the view of looking at the other side on how to fix it, not just what is wrong.

Cary FletcherSenior Branded Merchandise Consultant, Halo Branded Solutions

I am so profoundly thankful that I was afforded the opportunity to learn from and work with you & your team. You are the change we need in this world, in this society, in this culture. The work you do is unparalleled, honestly.

ShannonU.S. Army National Guard

Mike makes you think about how your actions affect other people even though that wasn't your intention.

Stephanie A EdmundsAssistant Director, Maintenance Support Services (UNR)

When it comes to helping us build a culture of respect, Mike Domitrz is our go-to expert. The New World Symphony recently welcomed Mike Domitrz back for a third time. Mike’s seminars have become an integral part of our program each year. His friendly, conversational, and interactive style is very effective and his messaging resonates and stays with people for a long time afterwards.

David J. PhillipsExecutive VP & CFO at New World Symphony

Insightful; very beneficial to leaders, managers, and people in the organization seen as decision makers. I wish they all could have been there to understand how things are and how they need to be.

Jamie K NelsonProperty Manager, Logic Commercial Real Estate Reno

Year after year, we bring in world-class speakers. Mike Domitrz delivered a powerful presentation that was both captivating and filled with how-to skills for creating a culture of respect. In doing so, he set the bar for our future speakers to strive for.

Philip MacDougallExecutive Director, WINevada

Internationally renowned speaker and critically-acclaimed author Mike Domitrz provides specific how-to skills so each person at all levels of an organization can implement immediately for building a culture of respect. His preparation and mastery of the material has earned him the credibility and trust within Special Operations across the Department of Defense.

Mike KontioFormer Joint Special Operations Command
U.S. Army Master Sergeant (Ret OR-8)

Mike, thanks for the insightful, provocative, and actionable talk. Already sharing the 9 disrespectful behaviors and how to transform them to respectful ones...and already got to practice not being the fixer 😉

Kristin DeFifeVice President and Head of US Operations at Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services

Thinking about the words we chose and how we communicate is key in creating a supportive, cohesive, and respectful organization. Culture of Respect opened everyone’s eyes to the ways we might be unintentionally offensive. The program was engaging, thought provoking, and well paced. Everyone was shocked how fast the time had passed! We look forward to having Mike back next year.

Humberto OrtegaAssistant VP, Accounting & Human Resources at New World Symphony

Educational. Mike provided better listening and communication skills.

Tim YoungPresident & CEO Reno Philharmonic

Defusing and navigating the affirmative sides of how to build respect.

Sam HaughOwner, The Alternative Board (TAB) Reno-Tahoe

Mike's teachings helps each of us deep dive into the areas we most need to improve on.

Linda LoviePresident, Brokers International Financial Services

Mike's keynotes to over 2,000 of our dedicated workforce on how respect is the 'bare minimum requirement and not the standard of excellence' hit home. The impact was seen as employees saw where they can make a difference in building amazing relationships, including many committing in public to changing their approach.

Nathan NielsenRio Tinto Kennecott Learning and Development Senior Advisor

Watch longer segments of Mike speaking:

How Often Colleagues Negatively Trigger Others and the Impact It Has

How Often Colleagues Negatively Trigger Others and the Impact It Has

Build a Team Approach to Increasing Profits through RESPECT

Build a Team Approach to Creating a Culture of Respect

Discover the Slope of Disrespect in Corporate Culture and How to Eliminate It

Discover the Slope of Disrespect in Corporate Culture and How to Eliminate It

Stand for “Who I am is . . .” in the Workplace.

Realize the mistake many organizations make with workplace relationships.

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